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Herts Plumbing. We are a family run business based in Hitchin, Herts UK. We are fully qualified Corgi registered gas installers. Local to the North Herts area all our lives, we pride ourselves on a clean, prompt and reliable service. "Full heating installation and gas work our speciality. Call us today for a no obligation consultation." All types of plumbing and heating work considered. Gas work, boiler replacements to full central heating. Landlord safety certificates and fault diagnosing. Bathroom installations. All work guaranteed.Tips and Hitchin plumbers Advice for plumbing Emergencies Cutting off the water supply in an emergency If your tap is connected to the mains, it is relatively simple to cut off the supply. Turn off the indoor stop valve. If it is stiff, it is advisable to use a spanner, or to apply a little oil if necessary. When this has been done, simply drain the remaining water away by turning on the taps until the flow of water has stopped. If your hot or cold tap feeds off pipes from the cistern (water tank) , there should be either a gate valve or mini stopcock available to turn off. The stop valve can be found alongside the cold water tank. When these have been turned off, switch on the tap until the water flow has stopped. N.B. If you find that neither the gate valve or the stopcock are present, then the cistern itself will have to be drained. To drain the cistern you must first prevent water entering the system by switching it off at the mains. Alternatively you can tie up the ball-valve by placing a piece of wood across the tank and tying the arm of the ball-valve to it. Either way, the flow of water will be stopped. The bathroom taps can then be turned on to drain out the remaining water. If for some reason you wish to turn off the outdoor stopcock, you will first need to find it outside of your property. If you cannot locate it, get in touch with your water company. Take of the cover off, and insert the stopcock key. When you have reached the handle at the bottom, turn it clockwise to cut off the flow. Always know where your stopcock is and make sure it turns the water supply off. If it stiff and seized up look for were your water supply isolates outside the boundry of your property. If this is deep and filled with earth it will be difficult to turn off. Try to check the stopcock every month or two to keep it working. Try to make sure you understand what type of system you have - Do you have tanks in your loft or do you have a combi boiler. If there are tanks in the loft make sure you know how to isolate the supplies to them, perhaps there are some valves in your airing cupboard? Keep all pipe work in exposed areas i.e in the loft or outside insulated to protect it from freezing. Know where to drain your heating system from. This will be a small valve under one or two of the downstairs radiators. It can also be outside. It can save a lot of time looking for it! If a tap has started dripping, it will probably be just a washer. If is left it can cause damage to the tap which may be irreparable. Next time you are in the loft check the tanks up there - they should be well insulated and have a secure lid. Check that there is not debris in the tanks (especially dead birds- nice water for brushing your teeth in). This can block the outlet and cause bigger problems further down the line. If you have a combi boiler, check the pressure and know what it should be when the system is cold. Also know how to repressurise the sysytem if it does drop. If the pressure drops regulary you will have to investigate why as there will be a fault there somewhere. Know whether your heating system has had some chemical inhibitor added - this will prolong the life and efficiency of the system. After the summer you may find some of the Thermostatic radiator valves(TRV) pin may become stuck (the radiator will be cold when the heating is on) Try unscrewing the TRV and gently pulling the small pin upwards with a pair of pliars. This should release it and the radiator should now get hot. The radiator is cold at the top and not at the bottom - generally caused by air. This can be removed by venting / bleeding the radiator. Use a vent key (purchased from most hardware shops) bleed / vent until water comes out. Our Plumbing hitchin plumbers Rates. Please note- All rates and prices are approximate. All prices are subject to 17.5% VAT. 1st Hour 45.00 Further hours 30.00 (8.00am - 6pm inc Saturday mornings 9am-12.00) Evening / weekend work 55.00 per hour Further hours 40.00 Per hour 1st hour includes all travelling time and 1st hour on site. If the jobs requires a second visit on a different day the 1st hour will be @ 45.00. There is no specific call out charge is included in the first working hour (although if it a false alarm the 1st hour will still be charged) Work Estimates All these times and prices are bases on average times. All jobs are different so these times and prices may change. Dripping tap 1 hour Moving a radiator 2-3 hours Changing a set of taps 1-2 hours Upgrading radiator valves 2-3 hrs Changing ballvalves 1-2 hours Replacing a toilet 2-3 hours Replacing a pedestal basin 2-3 hours Bathroom suite changes from 375.00 Hot water Cylinder Changes from 400.00 Landlord safety checks 65.00 (1 appliance extra appliances @ 15.00) Uncomplicated boiler replacements from 1800.00 hitchin plumber testimonials"Peter, we at Hitchin Damp and Timber, are very pleased to have you along as part of our team on our contracts. Your work is clean and efficient and your dealings with our customers is very professional. You have the rare quality of being punctual and turning up when you say you will, as well as being a polite and pleasant chap." Mr Chris Bradburn, Hitchin Damp and Timber "We have used Herts Plumbing on several occasions to work on different plumbing jobs. They are always efficient, quick to respond, and do an excellent, professional job. We would never use anyone but Herts Plumbing." Mrs Lucy Dean "Dear Peter, We would like to thank you very much for your prompt attention and help in sorting out our hot water cylinder and radiator. We appreciated the fact that you simply got on with the job without any fuss and made such a good job of clearing up afterwards. We shall certainly recommend you!" Mr & Mrs Dick & Sue Soper "Herts Plumbing have always provided us with a friendly, reliable service for all plumbing requirements at our chain of inns. I have also used them privately to install a new bathroom with power shower where they understood our needs and worked very well to a tight deadline." Mr Ben Chapman, MD, Bury Inns "This is to confirm that we have no hesitation in recommending Peter Lewis of 'Herts Plumbing' as an excellent tradesman. All work that he has carried out for us has been good. He is reliable and efficient. We will most certainly use him in the future." Mr Jeremy Rich, Space Lettings Contact details for all the above are available on request.

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